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Sealants from IGS Industries

Sealants from IGS Industries

IGS Industries’ innovative sealants deliver high-quality, clean-running sealant solutions that are ideal for both commercial and industrial applications. We’ve gone to great lengths to consult with professionals and to experience the many manufacturing environments that utilize our sealants. We maintain our formulas to accommodate new mechanical processes, new machinery, technological developments, and the demanding manufacturing standards of the many industries with whom we work.

We also provide custom formulations that are a perfect mix of our experience and expertise and your unique product requirements. But we don’t stop there–we provide labor-only sealant mixing and filling services, custom sealant formulation, private sealant labeling, and so much more. When you combine our industry-standard sealant formulations with the efficiency and on-time delivery you can expect us to provide, choosing IGS Industries as your supplier means you’ll never worry about your sealant needs again. Read more...

A Remarkable Collection of IGS Industries’ Sealants

Our different sealant formulations are found in just about every industry. Steel mills, nuclear generators, coal-fired electric plants, oil refineries, and heating appliance manufacturers are just a few of the many places where our sealants are an integral part to the success of those industries. We take great pride in that fact, and we are pleased to bring you the best in sealant solutions.

Sealant Selection at IGS Industries

The easiest way for us to help you choose a sealant is to simply have you request a quote from us. Based on your temperature, pressure, chemical resistance, and other needs, we’ll evaluate your project and share our insight with you based on your requirements. We’ll even help you formulate a custom-sealant if it best fits your needs.

We would also like to share with you a little about each of our sealants here on our site:

Catalysts are used with select IGS sealants to substantially speed up cure times.

Duct-Tite is a fibrous paste sealant used for sealing industrial ducting where high temperature and pressure resistance are needed.

A polyurethane-based gasket/jointing compound that contains polyesters and silica. Unlike RTV silicones, Hylomar doesn’t harden. It transforms into a flexible putty when the solvent evaporates.

IGS-1000 is a moist, hand-applied pack used as a heat shield and heat sink for protecting sensitive parts while welding, soldering, or brazing.

KelSeal is an alumina-carbon, resin-bonded joint sealant used between slide late plates, nozzles, and SEN’s around the ladle and tundish areas.

Ladle-Lip Seal
Ladle-Lip Seal is a protective covering for ladle lips during slag raking or used as a gasket for degasser lids.

Mill-Pac Gray
Mill-Pac is a heavy paste sealant for use in primary metal, foundry and smelter industries, as well as for sealing boiler and oven doors and burners.

Mill-Pac Black
Mill-Pac Black is an environmentally friendly, mechanically-bound sealant for use in the home heating appliance industry. Mill-Pac Black is used to seal direct vents, flues, fireboxes, and other applications.

Is a mastic refractory material that has several uses in the continuous molten metal casting industry, including dummy bar packing, dummy bar repair, SEN anti-splash guards, and many more.

Real Seal 
Real Seal is a universal gasket made from 100% expanded PTFE. It is a radically different form of PTFE fluorocarbon material. Although very strong and tough, it is soft and “marshmallowy” in character, permitting it to conform easily to irregular surfaces and to compress to a thin, wide ribbon under pressure.

RTV Silicone
RTV Silicone Sealant- Industrial Grade is a one-part acetoxy cure adhesive sealant that is suitable for general industrial sealing and adhesive applications.

Silver Seal II 
Silver Seal II is a silver-gray paste sealant that is exceptionally durable under conditions of high temperature and pressure.

Steel Seal 
Steel seal is a dense, highly-filled paste sealant with steel fibers; it cures to a very strong solid creating a “damming” action that plugs leaks.

Stovemate Mortar
Stovemate Mortar is a ready-to-use, high-temperature soft mortar patching compound.

Temp-Tite II 
Temp-Tite II is a plastic, high-solid sealant extruded into rope or gasket form and applied to a joint face, making it possible to seal complex joint designs without a premade gasket.

Turbo “50” 
Turbo is a heat reactive resin used as a sealant or joint dressing on machined, grooved, or threaded joints. Turbo “50” is thinned for brushing.

Turbo “R” 
Turbo is a heat reactive resin used as a sealant or joint dressing on machined, grooved or threaded joints. Turbo “R” is 100% solids resin.

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